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Help Me Understand

I’m still trying to find the concept of tumblr




I never understude the consept of somebody being in high school. So many people hate it as much as i do well not exacly i just well ME and HIGH SCHOOL arn’t at very good terms I mean: HIGH SCHOOL is so so so SO rude, MEAN, blittiling, UN-PORTAIVE, and on top of all that CRAP he/she lies about everything it ripes away any self esstem we as brillant teens once had. Cliqu’es and backSTABING litturaly well not really but really and we come back everyday thinking we belong and our lifes are all the same ONLY IF YOU KNEW! Shoot i wish i could tell the world how i felt my thieory of why our peers become crazy and try dumb and crazy things. But yet agin I’m in high school NO-Body will listen to me.




Can i be honest i mean i don’t know how i feel right now like im just thinkin about you and i was going to like end it all just like that and now that i think about it i would of hell regreted it all like DAME i guess i’m just going to have to do the right thing in this situation.




Our life is like a book, Page after page full of stories we’ve laughed about and cryed over millions of times. Our hardships and tirumphs are just another page of glory. So turn it and see what you find. You never never know it might be a happy ending.

-Being Sojourner

i get bored

i get bored

If we as humans were made to be diffrent then why do we thrive on being someone els.

@ night

At night i used to hold you wisper in your ear how much i love you.

At night i used to touch kiss skin that tasted so sweet while you giggled and laugh and cryed out how much you wanted more.

At night i for the first time told you i love you i kissed you and silently said good-bye.

I saw ot happen with my own eyes you cried tears of pain from the past and tears of joy of the future.

i made you smile for the first time and it was beautiful it lite up the whole sky.

It came like second nauture to get you on my chest inked up close to my heart were you will stay for ever and centrurys to come.

haha funny she o she said fuck her

haha funny she o she said fuck her



Some how

Some how i can’t belive that a young seed couldn’t grow because a stupid tragide. We never know he coould have been the future presedent or even the person who made the drug that killed cancer. His life was priceless and nobody could ever pay of the loving comfort that family has lost. His name will be forever in our hearts


If you never loved you could never hate
- Wale